A pump is a device that is used to move fluids such as water or gas from one point to the next by mechanical action. There are three groups that most pumps can be categorized into, according to how to they move liquids. The three categories are: direct life, displacement, and gravity pumps.

Mechanical pumps work to serve a large range of purposes, from pumping water from wells, to pond filtering, or though aeriation. They also serve a great duty to the car industry for in terms of water-cooling, fuel injection and pumping oil.

Aside from the car industry, mechanical pumps can also be used in the medical industry. Naturally, this is not Bormill Inc.’s forte, but you can also find pumps be used for biochemical processes in making or manufacturing various medicines. They can also play a major part in the artificial replacement of body parts.

Pumps consume energy for the purpose of mechanical work through moving fluids through a system. They can have multiple energy sources, such as through electricity, manual operation or wind power. Pumps can be defined by their method of displacement. There are two different “basic” types of pumps: positive Displacement and Centrifugal.

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