Tube Sheets

Tube Sheets

Tube sheets are typically composed from a flat and round piece of plate. They are primarily used to hold into place or isolate tubes in heat chambers or boilers. Tubes are attached to tube sheets by either hydraulic pressure or with a roller expansion.

Typically, tube sheets are covered with a good layer of cladding material that offers a level of support from corrosion, and can also operate as a insulator. A tube sheet made out of low carbon steel may include an additional layer of a higher alloy metal to give more resistance to corrosion. If included, the metal is bonded to the surface. Because of the protection it provides, an added layer of metal is a great way to keep costs down.

Tube sheets used for supporting elements in heat exchangers and boilers are among one of the most commonly known uses. For this specific purpose, tube sheets for exchangers and boilers are frequently made from a dense arrangement of thin-walled tubes. These tubes are inside an closed off tubular shell, and the tubes are supported by supported the sheets. In this particular situation, the tube sheets are dripped in a pattern that allows for the tube ends to pass through it.

When it is crucial to make sure that fluids do not intermix, double tube sheets are usually recommended. The inner parts of these tubes are vented to keep current with the atmosphere so that any fluid leak is quickly and easily detected.

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